Life With Braces

Eating with Braces

In your first couple of days, eating with braces will be slightly different. For taking best care of your braces please avoid things that are hard, crunchy or sticky. Just to name a few, great foods to consider that are soft and easy on your braces are bananas, oatmeal, pancakes, soups, pasta, yogurt and soft ice cream.

Care of Braces

As you have done previous to your Orthodontic treatment starting, hygiene consisting of regular flossing and brushing should continue. If you chose braces we will show you techniques using WaterPik’s and Electric Toothbrushes that will make keeping great oral hygiene even easier. If you choose Clear Aligners, the great news is that you can remove those clear aligners when you floss and brush. It will also be important to see your Primary Care Dentist for your 6 month cleaning and checkups while getting your custom and beautiful smile created.

Diet & Habits

Taking care of your hygiene and braces will allow us to more efficiently create your beautiful smile. Certain foods are known to break braces so we kindly ask you to avoid these or similar types of foods. That means less time in treatment and fewer office visits.
         Hard – Apples or Apple slices, Carrots, Ice, Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Chips
         Sticky – Caramel, Taffy, Tootsie Rolls, Gummy Bears
         Tough – Pizza Crust, Bagels, Steak, Beef Jerky

The great news is that Sugar Free Gum is ok with the braces we offer.

General Soreness

As your teeth are moving to that desired beautiful and finished position, it is normal to have some mild soreness and sensitivity. To help alleviate the soreness, patients can rinse their mouth with a warm salt-water solution or take over-the-counter Tylenol. Although we chose to use very small and rounded brackets at Greenway Orthodontic Studio for patient comfort, those first few weeks some patients may feel a difference on your lips. In this case, simply place some patient wax that we will give you over the bracket for the short duration until your lips get use to the braces.

Loose Brackets, Band or Wire

Accidents do happen such as a brace falling off a tooth. Or sometimes your teeth are moving so well that the wire extends through the last brace to where it may irritate you. These are normal so please don’t panic. Here are some tips you may find useful.

Loose brace: If a brace falls off the wire, please keep it if possible. If the brace is still on the wire place some of the patient wax we give you around the brace.  It will be very important that you call our office either that day or the next business day so that we can replace the bracket and keep you on track with that quick treatment.

Pokey wire: Although rare, this may occur, more likely at the beginning of treatment as your teeth are unraveling the quickest. Simply roll some patient wax into a ball and place that wax ball around the end of the arch-wire. Please give us a call either that day or the next business day so that can shorten the wire or re-connect it to the brace to continue to create that beautiful smile as quickly as possible.

Loose Teeth

As we are creating your beautiful smile, your teeth will be moving and therefore feel as if they are “loose”. Please know this is part of the natural process. This feeling will stop when we get your teeth in their final position and you have that wonderful smile.


Retainers are appliances designed to hold your teeth in that final position so you maintain your beautiful smile. At Greenway Orthodontic Studio your first set of retainers are always included in your treatment. We also offer complimentary Retainer follow up appointments to ensure your retainer is in working condition to maintain that healthy and fantastic smile.



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